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Outer Space

Mr. Bug is obsessed with outer space.  He wants to read books about it, color pictures of planets, play with rocket ships, etc.  He has glow in the dark stars on his ceiling already, but now I’m looking for more space oriented stuff to decorate with.  The hardest part is finding good pre-k oriented stuff on the topic.  Mostly I’ve been looking at kindergarten/1st grade type activities, and adapting them.  He can name all the planets, recognize half of them on site, spell all the planet names, tell you simple identifying features (jupiter is the biggest planet), and identify a picture of the milky way.  One cute thing he did was upon seeing a picture of outer space replete with stars, galaxies, nebulas, etc.  he said “lot’s and lot’s of outer space.”  Yes, there is quite a lot of it.


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I miss my husband

Captain Caveman has been working graveyard shifts.  This means that he goes to school at noon, goes straight from there to work at 9pm, gets home around 4am, and sleeps until 11 when he has to get ready to go to school again.

It sucks.

Luckily his days off from work and school are the same, but for most of the week he’s either sleeping, or not home.  The semester is almost over though.  Soon I’ll have my husband back.

I don’t know how single moms do it.

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