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On Marriage

This is an article I recently found.  It is a quite beautiful post on marriage.  I only hope my husband and I can be as admirable an example to our children.

On Marriage:  A Love Letter to my Husband

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Sci-fi and physicists

One of my other brothers is in town for the summer.  He’s recently graduated with a BAS in mathematics and physics.  I maintain that you have not truly enjoyed a sci-fi movie unless you’ve watched it with a physicist.  Even the most serious moments turn funny as you listen to them rant about why this or that is completely unrealistic based on various laws of physics.  Don’t bother trying to point out that the entire universe the movie takes place in is in a fantasy world.  That only inspires a rant on what laws they’ve implied exist bases on earlier parts of the movie, and how they’re not only breaking established laws which govern the universe, but their own fantasy world laws as well.  It really is quite entertaining.  It’s educational too if you’re capable of following said rant.

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Mr. Bugs new favorite pass time is building a tower with his large cardboard blocks, and throwing his stuffed angry bird at it while making the various sound effects from the game.

You know you’re a mom when:  While digging through your purse you find a spare pair of toddler underwear.  (hey it rhymes!)

The fourth of July family gathering was fun, but not nearly as much as it used to be.  Hardly anyone showed up this year.  None of the kids cousins came for them to play with.  Mr. Bug did have a great blast with a puppy named Roscoe though.  I need to get the boys a dog.


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Air Conditioning

We’ve been without power two nights in a row.  Despite the storm, the heat hasn’t abated much.  It’s been miserable co-sleeping in this heat, even though the kids don’t climb in bed with us until the wee morning hours.  This morning the power came back on, and with it, the AC.  Squeaker quite perfectly expressed the group sentiment by crawling over to the AC vent, sitting on top of it, and happily clapping his hands.

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