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bumps and lumps

Mr. Bug climbs on everything.  It must be a boy thing, because none of his female peers do it.  He recently decided that jumping off of things he climbs is a good idea.  This is actually even more hazardous than it would normally be as he doesn’t really know how to jump, so really he just throws himself off of things while yelling “I jump!”  We wound up with two big bumps in two days, one of which actually broke the skin and bled a little.  I also now realize that cartoon bumps weren’t much of an exaggeration.  The worst part is he won’t let me put ice on the bumps.  He doesn’t like how cold it feels, and he’s never much been one for sitting still.  So I can’t even get the swelling down, though I’m really not sure how important it is to do so.  He also has bumps and bruises all over his legs and, for the most part, I have no idea exactly when or how they occurred.  He’s constantly running, and tripping, and climbing, and jumping, and falling.

Squeaker also has bumps, though not nearly so severe.  More like little red marks that last a day.  This is because Mr. Bugs idea of sharing a toy with his brother usually consists of him throwing it in the play pen, or shoving it in squeakers face.  Squeaker doesn’t seem to mind most of the time, and when he does cry it seems to be more out of surprise than actual hurt.  I guess it won’t be long before they’re actively fighting with each-other the way my brothers did.  Even play fights typically ended with a few new bruises for them.  Sometimes I wonder what other moms might think.  But then I figure, if they have active boys like mine, they’ll understand.


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Potty training update

It’s been a month now since I started potty training.  Mr. Bug is doing wonderfully.  He lets me know when he has to pee.  Sometimes he will take his underwear off and go without telling me.  I find out because he needs help getting the underwear  back on.  About 50% of the time he poops in the potty on his own.  We still have accidents there, but he’s getting better every day.  I leave underwear on him at night, and we have only had three night time accidents this month.  I am so glad to be done changing his diapers.

Speaking of diapers, Squeaker is back in disposables most of the time.  He has a hard time rolling over or getting up onto his knees when he’s in the cloth, likely because they’re so bulky.  Two days of disposables, and he’s starting to do that pre-crawling thing where they get up on their knees and rock back and forth a few times before flopping down.  I’ll start using the cloth more regularly again once he get the hang of the whole crawling thing.


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Clean Up

I’m going to clean up the house this week.  No really, I am.  Ok, I’m at least going to try.

My house is a wreck.  At least it is to me.  It might seem hazmat material or perfectly clean to you, depending on what your own personal messiness scale is.  There’s no garbage on the floor.  Except for some food near the highchair, and this diaper I just found that somehow got kicked under the playpen.  Oh, and there’s that empty chip bag that was cracking Squeaker up earlier because it crinkles.

There are toys everywhere.  They’re like tribbles.  How did I end up with so many toys?  And why won’t they stay in the play room?  Not that anyone plays with these toys.  I put the toys away.  Then they end up all over the living room despite the fact that I never actually see the kids playing with them.  But the kids play with everything else, which explains the rest of the mess.  Well, most of it.  Shoes are apparently toys.  So are pots, pans, spoons, paper cups (the real ones are too high to reach), pillows, paper towels, DVD cases, remote controls, sponges, diapers, towels, cardboard tubes, boxes, clothes, you get the idea.  If it’s not a toy, it gets played with and strewn about the house.  If it is a toy, it just gets strewn about the house.

I don’t really straighten up very often.  It seems like the house hits this plateau of messy, where if I wait a few days it’s not really going to look any worse.  Conversely, if I do clean the house it will look as if I’ve done absolutely nothing within 24-48 hours.

So, back to cleaning up this week.  I’ve decided to go room by room.  Monday, livning room; Tuesday, kitchen; Wednesday, bedrooms; Thursday, bathrooms; Friday, rest, maybe.  A thorough spring cleaning.  Get rid of clothes that don’t fit, stuff that we don’t use much, maybe even start packing for out move this summer.

I’m just so tired of the clutter.

Wish me luck.

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