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I fed Mr. Bug a slice of jalapeno pepper. Yeah, bad idea.

Look, I knew he wouldn’t like it, but the reaction I got was so, so, so much worse than I imagined it would be.

It started much like you would expect. After following me around the kitchen insisting “Want bite! Want bite!” I finally caved and gave him a small piece, knowing he would hate it. He took a bite and started going, “ahhh, ahhh, yuck.” Then he threw it away and wandered into the living room. I thought we were done.

Then he comes back into the kitchen with whining a bit, and he’s scraping at his tongue with his hand. So I give him a glass of water. This does nothing to help, and now he’s full on crying, while practically gagging himself with his efforts to scrape the spicy taste off his tongue.

I now try giving him milk, again, to no avail. He’s getting hysterical; crying, coughing, gagging. I feel like the worst mother in the world.

I try to get him to drink more milk, while rocking him back and forth trying to calm him down. I wash his hands in case some of the oils are still on his hands, and making things worse. Between sobs he asks me for “nummies.” It’s been a while since he nursed, but I nurse him anyway, and it seems to calm him.

But when we’re done nursing, he starts crying again. I look online, and see a suggestion that lemon juice will cut the oils, and grab some out of the refrigerator. I squirt a ton of it into his mouth, and five minutes later, he’s fine, though still sniffling a bit. Thank you google.

Forty-five minutes after first giving him the pepper, and he’s finally calmed down. I sing him a few songs and tuck him into bed. I think he must have had a cut on his tongue, or a tooth coming in; some sort of open wound to cause that severe a reaction. It’s not like I gave him chilian death peppers, it’s just a jalapeno.

Well, live and learn.


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June 16, 2012 · 7:16 pm