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Potty training update

It’s been a month now since I started potty training.  Mr. Bug is doing wonderfully.  He lets me know when he has to pee.  Sometimes he will take his underwear off and go without telling me.  I find out because he needs help getting the underwear  back on.  About 50% of the time he poops in the potty on his own.  We still have accidents there, but he’s getting better every day.  I leave underwear on him at night, and we have only had three night time accidents this month.  I am so glad to be done changing his diapers.

Speaking of diapers, Squeaker is back in disposables most of the time.  He has a hard time rolling over or getting up onto his knees when he’s in the cloth, likely because they’re so bulky.  Two days of disposables, and he’s starting to do that pre-crawling thing where they get up on their knees and rock back and forth a few times before flopping down.  I’ll start using the cloth more regularly again once he get the hang of the whole crawling thing.


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More Potty time

I decided to make one post for the remainder of the week.

Day 2 (here is day one)

The day started off well.  Instead of dribbling on the floor every 10 minutes like he did yesterday, Mr. Bug peed on the floor 3 times before noon.  This may not sound like an improvement, but I’d rather clean up a bunch of pee 3 times then a little pee several dozen times.  Also, there has been no mopping of pee with hair today.  He also pooped in his underwear, but he told me he was stinky which he’s never done before.  At lunch, he started to pee on the couch.  He stopped when I said stop, we ran to the potty, and he finished peeing there!  This is incredibly exciting to me.  It’s funny how something so small can be such a huge achievement.  We put on Thomas the train underpants, and 10 minutes later he asked for Micky Mouse instead.  So we switched.  He started to pee on the floor, and kept peeing as I picked him up and put him on the potty.  But about half of it got where it was supposed to go, so I guess that’s good.  He peed on the floor 3 more times before bed, but at least he did not play in it today.

Day 3

Today when Mr. Bug woke up, his diaper was completely dry.  I took it off and followed him around with the potty till he started to pee.  Most of it ended up in the potty.  We went to toddler time at the library.  I packed several changes of underwear and pants, anticipating at least one accident while we were out.  He refused to use the potty at the library, but he also didn’t have an accident while we were there.  We got home, and I sat him on the potty where he stayed for 20 minutes without peeing.  He then got up to play with his magnets in the kitchen and peed all over the floor.  We ate lunch, he peed on the floor three more times.  I did not catch it in time to get him on the potty for any of them.  The 3rd time he sat down and started splashing happily in it.  Toddlers are so strange.  Or maybe it’s just mine.  I dumped him in the tub for a bit.  After the bath he peed two more times on the floor, and finally fell asleep in his high chair at dinner time.  Today was worse than yesterday, but better than day 1.  Two steps forward, one step back.  There was no poop today, which does not bode well for tomorrows first pair of underpants.

Day 4

The day started off bad, but it got better.  Diaper was dry in the morning, but the minute I took it off he peed all over the floor, and I wasn’t even close to getting the potty under him in time.  Note to self, take of diaper next to potty.  Granted this should be a no brainer, but I’m not a morning person, and I hadn’t had my coffee yet.  So then I get all his stuffed animals together, a bowl of water, and a bulb syringe.  See where this is going yet?  I told each animal that it was time to go to the potty, set them on the potty, and squirted water into the bowl.  I then gave the animals lots of hugs and kisses for peeing in the potty.  I also had them “pee” on the floor, which I told them no for, set them on the potty, and then repeated the first scenario.  He’s spent most of the morning sitting on the potty while watching TV.  Apparently it worked, because he’s peed in the potty 4 times before noon.  I give him cookies for doing this.  Yes I bribe him.  It works.   Lunch time was a little worse.  Peed on the floor once in the kitchen, and twice in the living room.  The second time in the living room was half in the potty, so 41/2 potty times?  Hubby came home from wal-mart with an elmo potty and sticker book.  But we had a doctors appointment so we went out again.  Mr. Bug did not pee the whole time we were out, though I tried to get him to use the restroom.  He fell asleep on the way home, and did not wet his bed during his nap.  As soon as he got up, I told him it was potty time, and sat him down.  It worked!  More pee in the potty.  More stickers and cookies rewarded.  Unfortunately, the day ended with poop smeared on the floor.  Oh well; win some, lose some.

Day 5

The morning started the same way last night ended.  Poop.  Everywhere.  Well, mostly on the kid, so we tossed him in the tub for a morning bath.  He apparently had not peed yet, and when he got out of the tub to run around naked for a bit, he peed on the floor.  I guess I should have set him on the potty first thing.  A couple hours later, I’m nursing the baby when I hear him say “pee pee in potty.”  He sits sideways on the potty, and pees all over the floor next to him.  I can’t help but laugh.  Especially when he looks up and says “oops, I spill.”  At least he’s getting the idea.  We clean it up, and the next pee makes it into the potty.  He wet himself during nap time, which is no big deal.  Then my hubby bravely takes both kids with him on a grocery run to give me a little time to myself.  Mr. Bug stays dry while they’re out.  I put him on the potty when they got back , but he wanted to go play.  Of course, 5 minutes after I let him up he peed his pants.  We ate dinner, and one more pee made it into the potty before bed time.  All in all, a decent day.

Day 6

Today, Mr. Bug peed in the potty6 times.  He did not pee on the floor once except for dribbling a little bit while he was trying to hold  it on his way to the potty.  He did poop during nap time which meant yet another bath.  I am beyond thrilled at his progress though.  Not much else to say about today.

Day 7

Today we had two accidents in the evening.  The rest of the day, he went in the potty.  One time today, he even told me he wanted to pee.  Though he has yet to poop in the potty, I’d call week one of potty training a success.

This was my trial week.  I decided that I would try potty training for a week, and if it wasn’t working out we’d put it on the shelf for a month or two.  It’s worked out well though, so we’re going to keep up with it.

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I bribe my kid sometimes.  Mostly when trying to teach him something new.  He’s not really old enough to understand explanations of why something should be done, but he understands treats.  Who doesn’t.  Then, once he figures out what it is that’s expected of him, the treats gradually stop.  That’s when he does stuff because it’s just what he’s supposed to do.

People get weird about bribing/rewarding kids.  Whatever.  The world revolves around cause and effect.  At the most basic level, you do things because of some anticipated reward, or some fear of repercussion.  Sometimes it’s something tangible, other times it’s more abstract.  But this is essentially what drives us.

Right now, my son is two.  He is unable to understand or appreciate the more abstract rewards for his behavior.  So I reward with something tangible.  Something good that he can understand.  I bribe him; and that’s ok.

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Potty Traning

Oh dear.  I’ve gotten mixed feedback on starting to potty train Mr. Bug.  Several think I’ve started to early, and several others think I’ve started far too late.  I figure 26 months is as good as any other time. 

Today was day 1.  Most of the day was spent mopping pee up off the floor.  He did actually pee in the potty once, but that was accidental.  He was sitting on the potty while playing, and just happened to need to go during the hour he used it as a chair.  He promptly peed on the floor again 30 minutes later. 

I don’t mind cleaning up the pee.  What I do mind is my toddler thinking pee is something to play in.  He pees on the floor, then sits in it and starts splashing as I grab for a nearby towel to clean it with.  A couple times, by the time I reached him he had turned part way upside down and was rubbing his hair in it as though trying to mop it.  My child is strange.  We ended the day with a nice long bath. 

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How does anyone with a toddler ever keep their house clean?

Seriously, the house could look wonderful because I’ve just spent several hours organizing, and sweeping, and cleaning things up.  Less than 24hrs later, it will look like I’ve done nothing for days or even weeks.  Honestly, there is a point where I just let it be because the mess plateaus.  I know it’s not going to look much messier than it is, so I don’t bother cleaning up.  I saw a welcome mat online that said, “The house was clean last week.  Sorry you missed it.”  I need that mat.  No one ever drops by when the house looks good.

Sure, I could clean during nap time, but the moments I have to myself where there are no little people attached to me are so few and far between, that the last thing I want to do with them is clean the house.  I’d rather eat a sandwich without having to share, or read a news article in peace and quiet.  Or sit and do nothing.  Really.  I’d rather do nothing during those quite moments than spend them cleaning, only to watch all my hard work demolished as soon as my hurricane of a boy wakes up.

I could clean while they’re awake, but Mr. Bug delights in following me around as I clean and immediately undoing any organizing as I do it.  Books that I put on the shelf come right back off.  Toys put in the toy box are suddenly the most interesting thing in the world even though they’ve been lying under his highchair neglected for several days.  Clothes folded neatly in drawers, hah!  Now that he knows how to open the drawers, he has fun strewing his and his brothers clothes about the room.  I would reprimand him, but he’s not doing it to be malicious.  He’s really just playing.  He even sorts the clothes into piles of pants and shirts.  But they rarely stay in the drawers.

So the mess stays a mess for most of the week, and I am perpetually embarrassed if people drop by unannounced and see it.  People who’ve known me long enough, know that I have never been an organized soul, and may wonder if I’m just using my kid as an excuse.  The truth is, I clean 10 times more often, to no avail.  Hopefully though, this means that once the boy is out of this stage I will have gotten so good at cleaning that the house will actually look nice.  Then again, I’ve been told that boys never grow out of this stage. 

C ‘est la vie

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Cute Stuff

Cute stuff the kids have done lately:

Mr. Bug and I do this thing where I sing one line of a song and he sings the next one.  It’s one of his favorite games.  Squeaker now cracks up watching his brother sing and dance.

Squeaker likes to play with Mr. Bugs hair when they’re both nursing at the same time.  This makes Mr. Bug laugh.

The Patriots Fan has taught Mr. Bug to say “NFL.  National Football League!  Patriots!  Tom Brady!”  Mr. Bug now does this almost every time he sees the NFL logo.  I should try to catch it on camera.

Squeaker is at that stage where his hands and/or feet can entertain him for quite some time.  He holds one or the other in front his face and coos at them as though he expects them to respond.

Mr. Bug spends most of nap time reciting his favorite books, or trying to read them.  Perhaps he would actually nap if I removed his bookshelf from the room, but I don’t have the heart.

I made the mistake of putting a teaspoon of vanilla creamer in Mr. Bugs milk one day.  Now all he wants to drink is ” ‘nilla milk.”

When asking for something, Mr. Bug now has both sides of the conversation himself.  “Want milk?  OK, want milk.  Say milk please.  Please Milk!”  Perhaps he thinks if he says it all himself, I can’t say no.

Squeaker laughs and coos as soon as he sees his daddy come in the door.  No matter how upset or tired he is before hand, seeing daddy cheers him up.  I’m a little jealous actually.  Mr. Bug is more of a mamma’s boy though, so I guess it’s fair.

Mr.  Bug is into a “this looks that” stage.  He’ll turn a number three sideways and say “Three look like W!”  He’ll put two triangles together and say “Triangles look like square!”  He goes around the house turning things upside down or sideways to see what else they look like.

Pop Pop listens to a lot of music.  Now, whenever he’s near his computer, Mr. Bug climbs up on his lap and demands “Music, music!”

Pop Pop also is into walking and uses a step counter.  When it is cold and/or raining out he walks back and forth in the hall to get his steps in.  Mr. Bug runs back and forth after him, clearly under the impression that it is some sort of game.

Squeaker entertains himself with the sound of his own voice.  Sometimes this is annoying, especially when he squawks loudly at a restaurant.  At home however, its rather adorable.

Mr. Bug is learning about football from his uncle.  He now picks up his toy football, hands it too me and says “Down set!  Down set! Set Set Hike!”  When he says hike I’m supposed to throw the ball down the hallway.  If I do not he gets very upset.  This usually results in a good half hour of us playing, what is essentially, fetch.

That’s all for now.





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My Smart Boy

I’m going to go into bragging mommy mode.  My little Mr. Bug, who will be 2 at the end of this month, is learning to read!  Since he was about a year old he’s been obsessed with letters.  We got him Fridge Phonics last year and he spent hours with that thing.  He would bring me each letter and stand there till I told him what it was.  Then he’d put it in the little barn and listen to the song.  Over and over he would do this.  We bought more stuff with the alphabet in or on it to encourage him.  We also started watching Super Why on PBS which he really loved.  He could say the alphabet and recognized all the letters on sight by about 15 months.  He knew the difference between upper and lower case letters by 18 months, and could tell you the sound each letter makes.  This year for Christmas we got him Word Builder, which is like the next step from the Fridge Phonics.  He was putting small words together before we got it but he loves this toy just as much as the earlier one.  We also got Slide, See, & Say flashcards.  He sits on my lap sounding them out (with frequent help by me), and asking for    ” ‘nother word” each time he finishes one.  So my not even 2 year old is learning to read.  I never would have thought to teach a child this young to read, but he loves it so much, how can I not encourage it.  He also recognizes all his numerical characters, and can count to 20.  No math yet, but with this kid, who knows.  My son is incredibly smart for his age, and I am proud.  Though to be fair, he still has no idea how to use a spoon.

::disclaimer::  I have not been paid or compensated by any of the above companies in any way.  I only included links because I thought other moms would like to check out the toys.  I do not credit the above brands with teaching my son phonics, I only credit them with facilitating his interest, and giving me tools to use to help him learn.

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