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It is miserably hot.  Just awful.  I don’t think it gets below 85 degrees, even at 2 in the morning.  My boys are active, and love going outside.  Right now, I hate taking them outside.  Mr. Bugs face gets all red in less than 5 minutes.  He’s dripping sweat from the moment he walks out the door.  Squeaker is smart, and stays in the shade of the car port.  The playground equipment across the street is too hot to play on, so we just stay in the yard.  We rarely stay out more than about 20 minutes.  Everyone gets a little ice cream as soon as we go back inside, and a nice cool bath.  Is summer over yet.


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Diaper free time

It does not matter how fussy Squeaker is, if I take off his diaper he suddenly becomes the happiest baby in the world.  At least for a little while.  Mr. Bug likes running around naked after bath time, and will delay putting on clothes as long as possible.  Are all children just naturally nudists?  I can leave the baby naked for longer than the toddler, because the baby is still stationary.  If he pees, it’ll get caught by the blanket thrown over him.  I wonder what it is about being naked that makes them so happy.  Is it just the novelty?  In any case, bath time and subsequent naked time is pretty much a cure for all ills for both kids.

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