Potty Traning

Oh dear.  I’ve gotten mixed feedback on starting to potty train Mr. Bug.  Several think I’ve started to early, and several others think I’ve started far too late.  I figure 26 months is as good as any other time. 

Today was day 1.  Most of the day was spent mopping pee up off the floor.  He did actually pee in the potty once, but that was accidental.  He was sitting on the potty while playing, and just happened to need to go during the hour he used it as a chair.  He promptly peed on the floor again 30 minutes later. 

I don’t mind cleaning up the pee.  What I do mind is my toddler thinking pee is something to play in.  He pees on the floor, then sits in it and starts splashing as I grab for a nearby towel to clean it with.  A couple times, by the time I reached him he had turned part way upside down and was rubbing his hair in it as though trying to mop it.  My child is strange.  We ended the day with a nice long bath. 

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