Sleepy Time Issues

So at this point, I can no longer remember when I slept more than an hour or two without one of the kids waking me up.  Mr. Bug used to go to sleep from 2-4 for naps.  He now naps maybe once a week, and gets extremely cranky in the evenings because of this.  I still put him in his bed with the gate up at the usual time, but I can’t force him to fall asleep.  He plays or reads quietly, but his behavior in the evenings make it pretty clear that he still needs an afternoon nap.  He just won’t take it.

Because of this, instead of going to bed at around 8pm, he has been falling asleep in his highchair while eating dinner around 6:30 or 7.  He used to go to bed around 8pm, and then crawl into bed with us around 3am.  Since Squeaker was born, he’s been climbing into bed with us earlier and earlier.  Usually around midnight.  Now, since he keeps falling asleep at 7, he gets up around 11pm to get in bed with us.  Which normally wouldn’t bother me, except that he acts like he’s just gotten up from a nap, and wants to play.  The lights are out, everything is quiet, but he keeps trying to get me to sing a song, or recite one of his stories.  His chatter inevitably wakes Squeaker up, who wants to nurse.  Then Mr. Bug wants to nurse because Squeaker is nursing.  By this time all this is over, it’s 1am or so.  This is when Mr. Bug finally stops tossing and turning and goes back to sleep.  Squeaker will wake up at least once more to nurse.  Then Mr. Bug is up at 6:30 ready for the day.  I try to get him to go play in his room for a bit, but he wants to play with me.  Squeaker, who is really not a morning person and would sleep till 9 if he could, wakes up fussy because Mr. Bug is up and making noise.

So I go to bed at around 10, get woken up 1hr later by my toddler who tosses and turns and plays, usually waking up the baby around midnight.  I get them both back to sleep by around 1, Squeaker wakes up at 3 or so to nurse, and if I’m lucky sleeps until Mr. Bug gets up around 6:30.  Squeaker won’t go to sleep before 10, so I can’t really move my bedtime up.  Once Mr. Bug is up in the morning, everyone is.

Last night, when I put Mr. Bug to bed, I left his gate up.  When he woke up at 11, I made him go back to sleep in his bed.  He proceeded to get up and cry every 15minutes or so until about 1:30 when he finally went back to sleep.  He still got up at 6am.  I want to get him to stop climbing in our bed so early.  On the other hand, I get why he’s jealous since Squeaker sleeps in our room.

Really the only thing getting me through at this point is knowing it’s just a phase.  I try to remind myself of that whenever either of the kids is doing something on a regular basis that drives me bonkers.  They grow and change so fast, but it doesn’t seem that way when you’re suffering from sleep deprivation.  But he wasn’t like this 6, or even 3 months ago, and in 3-6 months, things will have changed again.  Hopefully for the better, sleepwise.


One Tired Momma



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