Cute Stuff

Cute stuff the kids have done lately:

Mr. Bug and I do this thing where I sing one line of a song and he sings the next one.  It’s one of his favorite games.  Squeaker now cracks up watching his brother sing and dance.

Squeaker likes to play with Mr. Bugs hair when they’re both nursing at the same time.  This makes Mr. Bug laugh.

The Patriots Fan has taught Mr. Bug to say “NFL.  National Football League!  Patriots!  Tom Brady!”  Mr. Bug now does this almost every time he sees the NFL logo.  I should try to catch it on camera.

Squeaker is at that stage where his hands and/or feet can entertain him for quite some time.  He holds one or the other in front his face and coos at them as though he expects them to respond.

Mr. Bug spends most of nap time reciting his favorite books, or trying to read them.  Perhaps he would actually nap if I removed his bookshelf from the room, but I don’t have the heart.

I made the mistake of putting a teaspoon of vanilla creamer in Mr. Bugs milk one day.  Now all he wants to drink is ” ‘nilla milk.”

When asking for something, Mr. Bug now has both sides of the conversation himself.  “Want milk?  OK, want milk.  Say milk please.  Please Milk!”  Perhaps he thinks if he says it all himself, I can’t say no.

Squeaker laughs and coos as soon as he sees his daddy come in the door.  No matter how upset or tired he is before hand, seeing daddy cheers him up.  I’m a little jealous actually.  Mr. Bug is more of a mamma’s boy though, so I guess it’s fair.

Mr.  Bug is into a “this looks that” stage.  He’ll turn a number three sideways and say “Three look like W!”  He’ll put two triangles together and say “Triangles look like square!”  He goes around the house turning things upside down or sideways to see what else they look like.

Pop Pop listens to a lot of music.  Now, whenever he’s near his computer, Mr. Bug climbs up on his lap and demands “Music, music!”

Pop Pop also is into walking and uses a step counter.  When it is cold and/or raining out he walks back and forth in the hall to get his steps in.  Mr. Bug runs back and forth after him, clearly under the impression that it is some sort of game.

Squeaker entertains himself with the sound of his own voice.  Sometimes this is annoying, especially when he squawks loudly at a restaurant.  At home however, its rather adorable.

Mr. Bug is learning about football from his uncle.  He now picks up his toy football, hands it too me and says “Down set!  Down set! Set Set Hike!”  When he says hike I’m supposed to throw the ball down the hallway.  If I do not he gets very upset.  This usually results in a good half hour of us playing, what is essentially, fetch.

That’s all for now.






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