My Smart Boy

I’m going to go into bragging mommy mode.  My little Mr. Bug, who will be 2 at the end of this month, is learning to read!  Since he was about a year old he’s been obsessed with letters.  We got him Fridge Phonics last year and he spent hours with that thing.  He would bring me each letter and stand there till I told him what it was.  Then he’d put it in the little barn and listen to the song.  Over and over he would do this.  We bought more stuff with the alphabet in or on it to encourage him.  We also started watching Super Why on PBS which he really loved.  He could say the alphabet and recognized all the letters on sight by about 15 months.  He knew the difference between upper and lower case letters by 18 months, and could tell you the sound each letter makes.  This year for Christmas we got him Word Builder, which is like the next step from the Fridge Phonics.  He was putting small words together before we got it but he loves this toy just as much as the earlier one.  We also got Slide, See, & Say flashcards.  He sits on my lap sounding them out (with frequent help by me), and asking for    ” ‘nother word” each time he finishes one.  So my not even 2 year old is learning to read.  I never would have thought to teach a child this young to read, but he loves it so much, how can I not encourage it.  He also recognizes all his numerical characters, and can count to 20.  No math yet, but with this kid, who knows.  My son is incredibly smart for his age, and I am proud.  Though to be fair, he still has no idea how to use a spoon.

::disclaimer::  I have not been paid or compensated by any of the above companies in any way.  I only included links because I thought other moms would like to check out the toys.  I do not credit the above brands with teaching my son phonics, I only credit them with facilitating his interest, and giving me tools to use to help him learn.


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