Ah the holidays.  They used to be such a fun relaxing time.  We started with a trip to SC for Christmas to visit Captain Cavemans family.  Mr. Bug got sick on the way down.  Cue in lots of clothing changes.  The next day Captain Caveman got sick.  Then Squeaker.  So here I am, taking care of three sick people, and waiting for it to strike me.  About 5 days later everyone was better.  I, thankfully, never got sick.  Not sure how I escaped that one.  The rest of the trip was good, except trying to fit all the extra stuff in the car for the trip back.  The day after we get home, my mom and other two brothers arrive for New Years.  The house is packed, and by this point, I’m already tired of people.  It was fun having the whole family together, but tiring.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to have a long hot soak in the tub while my hubby watches the kids.


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