From Squeaker to Squawker

Squeaker shall hence forth be known as squawker.  Or possibly both for a short time.  In any case, he now squawks.  It’s actually sort of a cross between a squawk and a squeal, but I like the word squawk better.  He squawks loudly and a lot.  He has found his voice and is putting it through it’s paces.  It is driving me crazy.  If he’s happy, he squawks.  If he’s mad, he squawks.  Bored? Entertained? Cold? Hot? Hungry? Content? Squawk, squawk, squawk, squawk, squawk.  I think I will be avoiding public venues for the time being.  He’s simply too loud for too much of the day.  I prefer not to subject innocent passerby to his vocal experimentation.  How long does this stage last again?


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