Dirty Diaper Decisions

So we’re cloth diapering full time.  Not.  We still use the cloth diapers, but it’s more intermittent now.  I don’t have a very big wet bag, so we use disposables when we’re out because the one that I have is way too small for both kids diapers.  We also use disposable at night.  With Squeaker it’s just easier to change him at night with disposables.  With Mr. Bug it’s because he typically poops first thing in the morning, so it’s one less poopy cloth diaper that I have to deal with.  We also use disposables when we go out of town.  I’m just really not big on traveling with cloth.  Some people do it.  I don’t.  And on diaper wash days we use disposables, which is about 2 days out of the week.

So now I find myself wondering if it was worth it.  I mean, the main reason I switched was to save money on diapers.  But as I’m still using disposables fairly regularly, I wonder if the savings is worth the cost.  I’m not really sure how to figure it out, and there’s not much I can do about it now.  Oh well.  I think we’re using cloth diapers often enough that it still saves us money.  Just not as much as originally anticipated.

Word to the wise for anyone considering cloth.  With disposables, you’re paying for convenience (0bviously), and sometimes, that convenience is actually worth the price.  The cloth diapers really did help clear up Mr. Bugs diaper rashes though.


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