Word World

Today, Mr. Bug was watching Word World, a cute little show on PBS where everything is built/made from letters.  All the word friends were getting Christmas gifts.  When Santa got to Dogs house he dropped the letters for ball down the chimney, but one of the L letters got lost.  So when Dog woke up in the morning, he couldn’t put his letters together to make a ball.  Bear came by and offered to help Dog find another letter L to use, so they put the three letters they had in a small bag and left.  When they did this, Mr. Bug started crying and said “no ball, no ball.”  He was very upset.  I tried not to laugh as I sat him on my lap and tried to comfort him.  I told him “It’s ok, keep watching, they’ll fix it.”  I sat with him on the couch watching the show.  He sniffled the whole time ’till they got another letter L and were able to make the word ball for Dogs Christmas present.  At this point he hopped of my lap and excitedly shouted “Ball! Hurray!” and did a little happy dance.

It amazes me how involved he was in such a simple little story line.


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