No More Naps?

Mr. Bug has been doing a bit better at bed time now.  He’s not taking 2hrs to fall asleep.  He still gets up around 2-3am to get in bed with us, but I don’t mind that.  Nap times are still almost impossible though.  So we’ve decided to try going without them.  It may help him sleep more than 9hrs at night.  Today was day one without a nap.  It’s 6pm and he’s still in a pretty good mood.  I’m going to try to keep him up till 8, and see how it goes.  If he would sleep from 8-8, I’d be in heaven.  We can just have a quiet time in the afternoon instead.  He’s a little young to be dropping his nap, but he’s always slept less than other kids his age, so we’ll see what works.


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