There Were Four in the Bed

And the little one said my space isn’t comfortable unless I’m taking up half your pillow and kicking you in the ribs.

Our toddler has mostly moved back into bed with us.  Turns out he’s uber jealous of his little brother getting to sleep next to mommy all night.  Actually, most nights I pick him up and put him in his crib once he’s fallen asleep.  But instead of sleeping till 3 or 4 before crawling into bed with us, it’s now more like midnight.   He also has this annoying habit of wanting his head to touch mine for some reason.  He practically burrows into me, which as you can imagine is difficult to sleep through.  Once he falls asleep again though I can usually move him over to his space, and at least get a few hours shut eye.  So, Mr. Bug sleeps between me and the wall, and Squeaker sleeps between me and Captain Caveman.  Except on the occasion that he decides he’d rather sleep next to daddy.  Captain Caveman really hates this, because he’s a much lighter sleeper than I am, and has a much harder time getting back to sleep once woken up.  Captain Caveman has also returned to his habit of sleeping in the basement on the nights before he has a test.  Can’t say I fault him much for that.  Hopefully things will settle down soon, and we’ll be able to get Mr. Bug back into his crib on a regular basis.


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