Tandem Nursing

We are now tandem nursing.  Not very often, but sometimes Mr. Bug wants to nurses when Squeaker nurses.  Mostly though, he’d prefer to have me to himself.  He likes to nurse when Squeaker is sleeping.  He nurses 2-4 times a day now, and seems to be thrilled with the fact that the milk is back.  This is actually really useful in the morning when I’m engorged since I already have issues with over active let-down.  I nurse Mr. Bug first while Squeaker is still sleeping.  That way Squeaker isn’t choking and sputtering when he tries to eat.  The down side of all this is sometimes he decides it’s his turn to nurse while I’m nursing Squeaker.  He comes up to me and tries to remove his brother from the breast saying “I want a nummies”.  I’m trying to explain to him about taking turns, but it hasn’t caught on yet.  All in all though, it’s going well.


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