So, I’m now 6wks post-partum.  Little Squeaker was born 9/20, 11 days past his due date.  Birth story to come soon.  I’m finally beginning to feel like I have some energy again.  The other day, I really cleaned the living room for the first time in months.  Mr. Bug doesn’t seem to be too upset by the new addition to the family.  He’s a little more clingy, but nothing over the top.  He wants to nurse a little more often than he used to, and he wants to sit on my lap a lot more, especially when I’m holding his brother.  Squeaker is nursing wonderfully, and sleeping better than his brother did at this age, knock on wood.

I’m trying to get used to going out with both of them by myself.  I don’t have a double stroller, so it gets a bit tricky.  Mostly I put Mr. Bug in his umbrella stroller, and carry Squeaker in a sling.  Sometimes I leave the stroller and just have Mr. Bug hold my hand, but then I have to carry the baby bag instead of putting it on the stroller.  Sometimes Squeaker falls asleep in his car seat, and then I really am tempted to just go back home.  Taking him out to put him in the sling wakes him up and makes him mad.  But the car seat, though it detaches from the base, is just to heavy to carry around for any length of time.  If we’re just stepping into a restaurant I’ll carry Squeaker in the carrier and have Mr. Bug hold my hand.  Also, if I have Mr. Bug in the stroller, and Squeaker in the sling, then sometimes Mr. Bug gets jealous and is fussy the whole time we’re out because now he wants to be carried.  I’m hoping this is one of those things that gets easier with time and practice.

That’s all for now.  More to come soon as I start feeling up to writing again.


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