Breastfeeding while pregnant 2

So we’re still breastfeeding for now.  Mr. Bug has actually picked up a bit in how often he nurses.  We’re back to about 4 times a day, though I’m not sure how much milk he’s getting from me if any.  An interesting side effect of him no longer waking up at 4am is that he’s now ready to start the day at 6 instead of 7:30.  Maybe sleeping through the night isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  I’d rather wake up for 5 minutes at 4am than have to start my day an hour and a half earlier.

I recently picked up some blessed thistle capsules at the store.  It’s an herb to help promote breastmilk production that’s safe to take during pregnancy unlike fennugreek and milk thistle (both may cause uterine contractions).  I really wish I could take the fennugreek.  That stuff is like magic.  I don’t know if the blessed thistle will cause any noticeable change in my milk supply, especially this late in pregnancy.  Once I get to 37 weeks, I will probably go ahead and take the fennugreek if we are still breastfeeding.

Another interesting thing about breastfeeding while pregnant, it’s getting increasingly difficult to situate Mr. Bug comfortably on my lap to nurse.  My belly is really starting to get in the way.  Maybe he can sit next to me and nurse?  I’ll have to try some different positions.  It’s neat though how the baby in my belly will kick at Mr. Bug wherever the most pressure is being applied.  Not even born yet, and trying to beat up his big brother.   Also, on the rare occasion where he falls asleep while nursing, I usually need help to get up from the couch.  I guess between my shifting center of gravity, and the almost thirty pounds my toddler weighs, it makes sense.

All in all, it’s not so bad.  Another week down, 9 to go, give or take a few.


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