Traveling with a toddler and cloth

It’s Independence Day weekend.  We will be joining the masses of people traveling to spend time with family and friends.  Luckily it’s not to long of a trip for us;  just shy of three hours.  As Mister Bug has gotten older and more active it’s become more difficult to keep him entertained in a car seat for that long, so we leave a little after nap time.  He sleeps for most of the trip this way.  If he does wake up, Lego blocks will usually occupy him for a decent amount of time.  If he gets too fussy we hope it’s close to a rest stop so we can let him out and run for a bit.  This extends the trip by at least half an hour, but it’s better than having a screaming toddler in the car.

Of course traveling messes with his sleep schedule.  Especially if he naps for the whole three hour trip, he goes to bed later than usual.  But then, for some reason, being in a new place almost always makes him wake up earlier than usual no matter how late he goes to bed.  So he’s fussy and tired the next day well before nap time, but if we put him down for his nap early, then he’ll get up earlier and be ready for bedtime earlier etc.  It also doesn’t help that when we go visit our family and friends, we’re out most of the day every day.  It’s amazing how busy and tiring a vacation can be.  So the last several times we’ve gone to visit I’ve just let him sleep whenever, and we fix it when we get home.  Thankfully he seems to adjust back to his normal routine fairly quickly once we do get home.

This will be our first time traveling with nothing but cloth diapers to use.  I only started cloth diapering about four months ago, and it wasn’t till one month ago that we had enough cloth diapers to use them exclusively.  I’ve picked up two small wet bags which are bags with a water proof inner liner that you stuff your diapers in while your out and about.  They’re quite useful for swim stuff after it’s gotten wet as well.  This will also be the first time that I’ll be changing cloth diapers while at other peoples homes.  So this will be a learning experience for how to do the whole cloth diapering thing on the go.

So with that, we’re off , to enjoy a weekend of family, friends, and fireworks.


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